Empowering Parents: Understanding Bullying

Hosted By: Tom Turner

The thing that every parent wants is to keep their child safe from harm. Unfortunately, as they grow up the ability to do so decreases. This can often leave a parent feeling even more worried than normal, as things get out of their control.

This is especially true when it comes to bullying. Not only are you not able to be around and protect them as the bullying occurs, but you also have to deal with politics; Peer politics, (whether that is the school playground or the cyber-world.) Politics of other parents, and of course there is the politics of the teaching staff. and other responsible adults involved in your child's life. 

This course, the first in what we hope will become a series of Empowering Parents courses, is designed to equip you with the knowledge on:

  • What bullying is
  • What the effects of bullying look like
  • How to approach the subject of bullying with your child
  • How to approach your child's school
  • How to support your child
  • How to find belonging for your child outside of school
  • How to raise an empathic child
  • How to spot the signs your child is the bully
  • How to deal with your child if they have been bullying
  • How to encourage your child to stand up for the bullied

After each module, you will take a short assessment, which will be submitted to us. We will give you any feedback we feel you need. Once we feel you have become an expert we will issue you with your very own certificate. 

Please note, we cannot guarantee by taking this course your child will not experience bullying, but it will strengthen you to support them if it does occur.

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What's included?

Tom Turner
Tom Turner

About the instructor

Tom has going on 24 years worth of experience of working with children and young people. Having started when he himself was only 11. 

He has worked in various roles, from babysitting, helping run his churches Kids Church, as well as various youth groups. Including various Friday night youth groups, a political consultation group for young people to have their say on matters concerning young people that were currently going through parliament, and the UK Youth Parliament. 

For a number of years worked as a mentor for troubled young people who were at risk of falling out of the system. While volunteering he went through Level 3 training in mentorship. 

While still at school Tom was trained up as a mediator and helped make a difference in the lives of his fellow students who had fallen into conflict. He was even featured in a local ITV program about the mediation training.

Tom's real experience, however, is first hand. Having been bullied from the age of 11 through to 19. It was this the finally lead him to set up Strength Restored in order to make a difference in the lives of young people and children.


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